Route 6 Option 2

Wilmington to Alfriston via Milton Street

1.8 miles / 3 km Easy

This is the gentle route back to Alfriston – try the alternative route via the Long Man & Lullington if you’re feeling more energetic!

This route is shorter and descends gently to Alfriston via Milton Street. On leaving the church porch bear left, retracing the path that was taken to the church. Leave by the same gate in the northwest corner of the churchyard. Cross the road and bear left and then follow the path which heads across the large field in front of you and descends 0.5 miles (0.8 km) to Milton Street (bear left where there is a fork towards the road). Cross the stile and then cross directly over the road to the stile on the opposite side of the road. Walk through the field and then through the gates and across the next field to a road.

Cross the road and the path descends diagonally across a large open field to the lower end of Milton Street. Turn left and walk along the road for about 150 yds (135 m). Take the first footpath on your right diagonally across a field to a road and bridge over the Cuckmere. You can walk down either side of the river to the white footbridge.

At the white footbridge, if you want to complete all seven of the churches, you can now take the path to discover Lullington Church, the smallest church in the land. It is only a 12-minute walk away. It sits on the hillside with beautiful views overlooking the Cuckmere Valley and Alfriston.

Alfriston to Lullington (0.5 miles/0.8 km)

At the white footbridge, on the opposite side of the river to Alfriston, follow the path between hedges to the road. Cross the road and take the path which leads up the right-hand side of the converted barn in front of you.

Follow the path up the hill along the field edge with a wooded strip on your left to the copse where the church is situated. Return to Alfriston by the same path.